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Caring at Sinai

Besides being a house of worship, Sinai Temple is a community. It is a place where Jews gather to be with other Jews, where friendships are forged and relationships develop. The many pictures in our hallways make this attribute of Sinai Temple quite clear. Some of our many pictures can be enjoyed on this web site.

Chesed Community Committee
In order to foster and support community in the congregation, we have a committee that specifically programs for the kind of caring that touches members on a personal basis.

Our Chesed Community Committee reaches out to families experiencing illness or death. The committee also reaches out to families with newborns and even connects up with teenagers when they get their drivers' license. Birthday greetings also go to congregants celebrating special birthdays.

Occasional meals and greetings are extended to shut-ins. Fall and Spring luncheons honoring our seniors are held each year.
Around Passover the committee honors couples celebrating "wedding anniversaries on the 5's." This takes place in the context of a Shabbat service when couples celebrating their 5th, 10th, 15th wedding anniversaries participate in a special Friday evening service.
Lots more takes place from year to year. The committee is always evolving.

Social Action Committee
Sinai is blessed to have an active and vibrant committee devoted to issues of social justice. Several years ago we were honored with a national award for social action programming from the Union for Reform Judaism.
At that time, we described our social action program as "justice for all seasons," meaning we have projects of many sorts taking place throughout the year.

Members for the committee are always welcomed. We believe very strongly in doing our part to "repair the world."

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