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Our Funds

Archives Fund:  These funds are to be used by the Archive Committee to organize and maintain Sinai Temple’s history.

Berman-Snieder Family Fund in Honor of Our Parents:  This fund helps Sinai promote Israel learning and programming of all kinds.

Susan M. Broh Tikkun Olam Scholarship Fund:  This fund allows us to provide subsidies for young people spending their summers doing social action.

Caring Community Fund in Honor of Joan Rosenbaum:  This fund is a resource for building the feeling of community at Sinai.

Sharon Chasen Family Fund:   This fund will be used at the discretion & wishes of the Chasen Family.

General Fund:  This fund will support Special Programs./Events as needed.

Lee and Howard Grayboff “Fix-It” Fund: This fund was created by the family of Lee and Howard Grayboff.  The family wants these funds to be used for projects to improve our Temple building.

Isaiah Fund for the Hungry: Donations to this fund are distributed annually to local agencies serving the hungry and the homeless.

Jewish Learning Fund in Honor of Rabbi Mark Shapiro:  This fund was established when Rabbi Shapiro became our Emeritus Rabbi.  The Fund supports Jewish learning opportunities for adults at Sinai.

Jewish National Fund/Trees: Trees purchased to be planted in Israel.

Library Fund (and Library Inscription Fund - $25):  This fund enriches our library.

Music Fund: This fund is used as a resource for enriching music programming at Sinai.

Esther Pachman Fund for Children Under Five: This fund is used for special programs and services for children under the age of five.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: The Rabbi uses this fund for Tzedekah and the general needs of the community.

Programming Fund in Memory of Arline and Arthur Rogers:  This fund is used annually to enrich one or more aspects of Sinai’s programming.

Shabbat Fund:  This fund is used to sponsor our weekly Oneg Shabbat.

Abraham and Edna Simons Camp Scholarship Fund:  This fund enables us to support youngsters who want to attend Jewish summer camp.

Social Action Fund/Refugee Fund:  Donations to this fund support Sinai Temple’s many Social action programs.

Art and Linda Solomon Special Events Fund:  This fund supports special speakers and music.

Michael Steingart Fund:  In memory of Michael Steingart.  This fund is used at the discretion of Richard and Bobi Steingart.

Helen and Sy Weiner Children’s Literature Fund: Established by Helen and Sy Weiner, this fund is used to purchase materials for the Temple library.

World Crisis Fund:  This is the fund we use to notify congregants about political and moral emergencies in the world.  All monies collected are sent to deal with whatever crisis we have as our focus.

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